Can Hyundai’s Ioniq 5 drive the entire North Coast 500? The COMPLETE Challenge | Fifth Gear

Considered by many to be Britain’s most beautiful road drive, the NC500 follows the coastline of mainland Scotland, and as the name implies is 500 miles long. 10 years ago this trip would have been impossible in an EV, but apparently, sufficient rapid charging points now exist to make it doable. To find out we take it on in Hyundai’s futuristic Ioniq 5. The Ioniq costs £40,000 and has a range of 300 miles, so technically one extra recharge should get us around the route. But we all know it won’t be as simple as that. And to add to the jeopardy we will try to complete the whole route in under 48 hours. The clock starts at midnight. Tune in next week for PT 2 and watch our brand new series, in full, via Discovery+

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