Cadillac Considers a Hypercar; People Prefer EVs with ICE Sounds – Autoline Daily 3829

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0:00 Cadillac Considers a Hypercar
1:31 What’s the Next Big Body Style?
2:46 People Prefer EVs That Sound Like IC Engines
3:36 Nissan Gives Bolt Owners $1,000 To Switch
4:11 Porsche Offers EV Owners $4,500 To Switch
5:08 EU Countries Want Chinese Assembly Plants
5:58 Volvo Shifts Some EVs From China to EU
6:31 Volvo Recalls EX30 On Software Glitches
7:09 We Drive 4 Chinese EVs
7:57 Report Card Data Available For $45
8:50 Elon Musk Channels His Inner Henry Ford

Story Links:
– Cadillac Considers a Hypercar:

– Next Big Body Style:

– People Prefer EVs with ICE Sounds:

– Nissan Offers Bolt Owners $1,000:

– Porsche Offers EV Owners $4,500:

– EU Countries Want Chinese Assembly Plants:

– Volvo Shifts Production from China to Belgium:

– Another Volvo EX30 Software Issue:

– We Drive 4 Chinese EVs:

– Purchase Autoline Industry Report Card:

– Watch Industry Report Card Highlight Video:

– Tesla Won’t Refresh Model Y This Year:

– To read the transcript for today’s show click here:


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