BYD Becoming Tesla’s Biggest Threat; Battery Shortage Shuts Down GM’s CAMI – Autoline Daily 3607

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0:00 China Grabbing Global Market Share
1:09 BYD Becoming Tesla’s Biggest Threat
2:09 Tesla Launches Charm Campaign in Germany
3:09 Fisker To Test India Market
4:06 Chevrolet Traverse Gets Major Makeover
5:18 Battery Shortage Shutters GM’s CAMI
5:56 Magna Develops Drop-In E-Axles
7:16 Porsche Vision 357 Speedster Hints at Next Boxster

Story Links:
China Global Market Share:

BYD Tesla’s Biggest Threat:

Tesla Holds Q&A Session in Germany:

Fisker Tests India Market:

New Chevy Traverse:

GM Idles CAMI Plant:

Magna E-Axles:,put%20their%20vehicles%20to%20work%E2%80%A6%20on%20all%20terrains.

Porsche Vision 357 Speedster:

Read the transcript here:


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