Blackie Gejeian’s Custom Car Collection

Legendary hot rodder, Blackie Gejeian, tells us the history behind five of America’s Most Beautiful Roadsters in his collection. He throws Dennis the keys to “The Emperor” and tells him to start smokin’ it! Blackie’s son, Charles, fires up the Shish Kabob Special and takes a spin with us. Blackie also shows us a few other special cars in his collection. Recorded on 10/28/2004.

Blackie Gejeian 1926-2016

0:00 – Intro
2:07 – “The Mod Rod” by Mike Haas & Art Himsl
5:28 – “The Emperor” by George Barris & Chuck Krikorian
7:17 – “The Shish Kabob Special” by Blackie Gejeian
11:31 – “A T 4 2” 1927 Ford Roadster by Dick Williams
13:09 – 1917 Ford Roadster by Dan Woods
15:07 – “T Plus 2” by George Barris & Don Lokey
17:57 – “The Candy Man” by Jim Molino
22:02 – Driving “The Emperor” and “The Shish Kabob Special”
31:40 – Historical Photos
32:39 – Behind the Scenes

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