Big Problems In Electric Pickup Land (IMPROVED AUDIO) – AAH 673

** This is a re-upload of yesterday’s Autoline After Hours. The show starts out great but about 20 minutes into the show an audio corps up. In the live show we were not able to get it fixed and the audio continues to get worse until it’s pretty much unwatchable. We were able to pull audio from the internal microphone on one of the cameras and splice it in where it gets bad. While this audio is still not all that good it’s at least watchable and we feel like there’s a lot of good information and insights that would otherwise be missed. We are working on fixing the audio issue for good. Hope you understand and Thanks.**

GM, Ford, Stellantis and Tesla invested heavily to make electric pickups. A year ago that looked brilliant. Now, it looks like they over invested. Or have they? That’s the debate for this show.

– Are there enough buyers for the capacity the automakers put in place?
– Will there ever be enough buyers?
– Did Ram make the smart move by going with an EREV instead of pure BEV?

– Warren Browne, RFQ Insights
– Lindsay Brooke, Freelance
– John McElroy,


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