Bentley 3D Printing Gold Parts; NCAP Says E85 Cuts GHGs in Half – Autoline Daily 3470

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0:08 China EVs Gain in EU
1:03 NHTSA Investigates GM Cruise
1:46 Ford F-150 Lightning Price Goes Up Again
3:12 Cadillac CT4 Gets 1.5L Engine
4:05 Buick LaCrosse Refresh in China
4:42 Bentley 3D Printing with Gold
5:29 Renault Austral Gets 4WS
6:39 NCAP Says E85 Cuts GHG’s In Half
7:27 JLR Signs Up With I-CAR
8:11 Citroen Asteric Uses Fireflies in Headlamps

Story Links:
– China EVs Gain Share in the EU:

– NHSTA Investigating Cruise:

– Ford Raises Lightning Pro Prices Again:

– Cadillac CT4 with 1.5L Engine:

– Buick LaCrosse Refresh:

– Bentley 3D Printed Parts:

– New Renault Austral Has 4WS:

– NCAP Says E85 Cuts GHGs in Half:

– JLR Joins I-CAR:

– Citroen Designs Chariot for a Movie:

– To read the transcript for today’s show click here:


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