Aston Sticking with ICE; FCA CEO Could Head Up Ferrari – Autoline Daily 2978


0:39 Mike Manley Leads Ferrari CEO Candidates
1:03 Penske & Roush Team Up to Test Electric Delivery Vans
1:42 Shell to Expand Hydrogen Stations in California
2:46 Aston Martin Reaffirms ICE Commitment
3:54 GM Committed to Developing NEVs With Wuling & SAIC
4:36 Lexus Introduces New E-Drive System for EVs
5:47 Tesla Temporarily Stops Model S and X Production
6:50 Tesla Offering Free Supercharging to Boost Deliveries
7:18 Vauxhall Incentivizes EV Sales
7:55 FCA Minting Money Off Jeeps

Story Links:
– Mike Manley Could Head Up Ferrari:

– Penske & Roush Team Up On Electric Delivery Vans:

– Shell Expanding Hydrogen Stations in California:

– Aston Martin Committed to ICE:

– GM Commits to EVs in China:

– Lexus Creates Electric All-Wheel Drive System:

– Tesla Temporarily Stops Model S & X Production:

– Tesla Sales Estimate:

– Tesla Offering Free Supercharging to New Model 3 & Y Owners:

– Vauxhall Offering EV Incentives:

– To read the transcript for today’s show click here:


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