Arlen Ness | King of Custom Motorcycles

Arlen and Cory Ness talk about their motorcycle family and the business of building custom bikes and parts. Arlen Ness was the world’s foremost motorcycle customizer. He has done more for the business of customizing motorcycles than any other person or company in existence. Starting out of his garage in the 1960’s with money he earned as a semi-professional bowler, Arlen bought his first Harley. Armed with no more than a spray gun and a dream, he created his first chopper. That chopper launched a customizing career that in turn helped launch an entire industry. Today, Arlen Ness Motorcycles is an international brand sold in every continent of the world. Arlen Ness has something for every angle of your motorcycle to enhance both form and function.

RIP Arlen Ness 1939 – 2019

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