AM Radio On the Way Out; BYD’s Sodium Battery Doesn’t Use Lithium – Autoline Daily 3538

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0:00 Toyota Losing Money in the U.S. Market
1:17 Ford Credit Launches Ad Campaign
2:20 Mine Waste a Great Source for EV Materials
4:00 BYD YangWang Targets Mercedes G-Wagon
5:01 Who Needs Lithium? Not BYD’s Sodium Batteries
6:31 New Renault 5 is All Electric
8:14 Toyota Tacoma Gets Hybrid Option
9:05 Amazon Operating 3,000 Rivian Vans
9:40 Genesis Unveils GV80 Coupe Concept
10:17 AM Radio on the Way Out

Story Links:
Toyota Losing Money:

Mine Waste for EV Materials:

BYD YangWang U8:

BYD Sodium-ion Batteries:

New Renault 5:

Toyota Tacoma Hybrid:

Amazon Boosts Rivian Van Fleet:

Genesis GV80 Coupe:–propels-luxury-brand-further-into-performance-arena/s/66faa1d2-3357-4bcc-9e47-4ab5c4538387

Ford Ditches AM Radio:

Read the transcript here:


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