8 New Lincoln Cars and SUVs Shaping the Brand’s Future Strategy (Overview of 2022 News)

Claiming the highest customer satisfaction rating within the premium segment, Lincoln rarely comes up with radical changes to the lineup not to disturb the winning formula. However, the 2022 revisions are meaningful enough to revisit the model range of this American manufacturer,
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#1 2022 Lincoln Navigator

2022 Lincoln Navigator enters the new model year with a few exterior revisions and plenty of new technical features. The refresh starts with the updated grille and lighting, as well as new paint color options. The reworked adaptive suspension system promises a plusher ride and gets Road preview tech.

#2 2022 Lincoln Zephyr

China’s undying demand for sedans forces Lincoln to release a country-specific model based on the Zephyr Reflection Concept that mimics the recently discontinued MKZ.

#3 2022 Lincoln Aviator Shinola

Shinola, the Detroit-based manufacturer of luxury watches, accessories and even bicycles collaborated with Lincoln to deliver this one-off build based on 2022 Aviator. The SUV’s exterior aesthetics is inspired by Shinola’s mother of pearl stone watch, though the main point of cooperation between the two brands is the model’s exclusive interior.

#4 2022 Lincoln Anniversary

This conceptual grand tourer of the future was developed as a part of the challenge at the ArtCenterCollege of Design. The Lincoln Anniversary is a four-seat sedan with wide sliding doors, outwardly exterior and tech-heavy interior.

#5 2021 Lincoln Nautilus

After receiving an all-new interior in 2021, the Lincoln Nautilus mid-size crossover became aligned with the rest of the company’s lineup. In 2022 it additionally resupplies its arsenal of tech features and luxury elements.

#6 Hennessey Performance Lincoln Navigator HPE600

Developed for any Lincoln Navigator from 2018 and younger, the Hennessey Performance HPE600 kit spices up the massive full-size SUV, making sure it can demonstrate sportscar-worthy performance on track.

#7 2022 Lincoln Corsair

The Corsair is Lincoln’s smallest market entry that will likely go through a facelift in 2023, for now though it mostly focuses on the refinement of the tech package and reshuffling of the body colors palette.

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