2019 Acura MDX vs Lexus RX Comparison: Which Luxury Crossover Does a Better Job?

The Acura MDX and Lexus RX are two of the OG luxury crossovers. The MDX debuted in 2001 and the RX just a few years earlier in 1999. They’re mainstays in the hotly contested segment and have been kicking it before crossovers were cool. Both crossovers have become well known for offering stellar reliability and the soft, cushy comfort that luxury shoppers are looking for. Both CUVs are available as regular gas-powered models and hybrid versions, and although the MDX comes standard with a third row, the RX is now available in a long-wheelbase version that also offers an additional row of seats, so the two are even closer than ever.
Last year, the MDX sold 54,886 units in North America but the RX sold almost 118,000, which is a huge difference. Does the Lexus deserve to outsell the Acura by that much? We brought both CUVs together to find out.

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